Robert Desmond Band

Robert Desmond Band is an ongoing project  of independent and self-sufficient singer/songwriter/recording engineer from Toronto/Canada.
Our project's ultimate goals are international recognition and touring .
The band’s music is best described as an indie/alternative rock based radio/user friendly , with just enough power pop for the liking..
You can get some good ideas about the project's music and sound by watching our Official Video Promo Collage below:


Robert Desmond is the project's lead singer, and musician, as well as its principal songwriter, lyricist, producer, arranger, recording / mixing engineer, videographer, and photographer. Seems like he is the jack of all trades. Well, he truly is! Robert produces and edits all his material at his home based studio, both audio and video, all at modern broadcast quality standards level.

Boris is the second key person of the project.
In short – he is Robert’s partner who takes care of the project’s “office”. He plays the drums, sings backing vocals, and contributes as a musical and band director. He is also involved in music arranging, and production of the band, yet most of the time as sub-arranger/ sub-producer and on-site adviser.

Alex is a very talented 7 string lead guitar player. He is our newest addition to the lineup. His impecable musicianship brings the band to a higher level and compliments the sound.

Yuri is the core of the band's foundation. He plays 4 & 5 string electric basses and sings back vocals too.
Rock Solid Bottom – what else needs to be said ?!


In 2008, the band performed at the Youth Waves Festival in Toronto and in the same year went on an Asian tour and performed in various places including Japan with highlights of their tour performing along with big bands in the Philippines at the country's famous SM Mall Concerts and San Miguel Beer Series of Concerts around the country. The band was also interviewed by GMA TV, the country’s top non-stop musical show as well as a special appearance and performance on the country’s top rock station.

In 2009, the band had the honor and privilege to perform as front act guest artists for the Philippine famous rock icons of the '70s, the Juan Dela Cruz Band along with Ms. Lolita Carbon of ASIN during the Canadian Reunion Tour held in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Hamilton. They also went with the icons to perform at The Heritage Forum in Anaheim, California, where they rocked the house so great, the guests called this band “The best front act” and “we were truly stunned of their performance.

In May 2010, Robert Desmond went on a solo performance at the Nora Aunor Superstar Canadian Concert in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver .

In June 2010, Robert Desmond Band Against The Grain Tour 2010 first official headliner, kick-started at the world-renowned El Mocambo in downtown Toronto where they played to a full house.

In July 2010, Robert Desmond Band once again performed at the Making Waves Festivals at the Yonge-Dundas Square in downtown Toronto.
Shortly after festival Robert Desmond Band had an excellent opportunity for solo performance at the I. Castillo's "Just Make It Happen — The Concert" held at The Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. It was at this show that the musical abilities of Robert Desmond was once again on display: he has performed a few of his rock songs acoustically, accompanied by his brothers (piano, back up vocals), his friend on 12 string guitar and with an orchestral 6 pc ensemble of violins and cellos.

By the end of July 2011 Robert met Boris, one of Toronto’s top pro drummer and hired him for an important gig …and the rest is a history that are still in the making until now. Since the then, there were a few additional line-up changes , there were Live In Concert DVD footage, there were several songs high-end pre-productions for Anastasia A, and then there were Desmond’s new single “Shotgun “and the making of its video… There were a lot of things going on at the same time but most of all, there were a lot of the 'not-so-fun' office work, although after a while it seems to start band's pay back.

In August 2014 Robert Desmond Band got back from headlining the European rock festival KinRock 2014 with new inspirations for tunes in pure production. The European success' created an impact on the band's booking agent and made the final decision to push through it's touring career. There will be a lot of good things to come for the band in the nearest future in Europe .

Robert Desmond band is still free of any obligations to anybody while owning every & all rights for anything & everything associated with band’s official audio & video.The band is open to any serious music industry individuals or companies that are related to management ,artist development ,tour booking , festival booking  , licensing , publishing.

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